About me

I care deeply that all our children should flourish, that they should each achieve their potential, just as I care about my kids. That’s why I’m running for re-election to the LASD board, and why I’m asking for your support.

Both my children went to Gardner Bullis from kindergarten through sixth grade. This year is my daughter's last at Gardner Bullis, and my son is in his last at Egan.

I have six years of experience of working at the District level. I served two years on the Citizens Advisory Committee on Finance (CACF), a long-standing Board committee, the last as its chair. I also served for four years as a trustee, this year as its President.

I have the depth and breadth of experience and knowledge to improve the educational outcomes for all our children. They are, after all, our most precious asset, and our most significant legacy. They are the world to us.

Although the LASD Board and staff have accomplished a lot in the last four years, there still much to do. I will focus on:

  • Continue to improve our curriculum and teaching practice
  • Finish the long process of building a new school and finding BCS a permanent home
  • Enhance the safety of our children at all our schools, but especially around Egan
  • Organize and enhance after-school activities at all our schools

Please join me on this exciting and important journey.

Your voice matters, and your vote is critical. Thank you!